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For those of you who don't know, MPI, itself, is not software. It is a standard. The actual software or "implementation" is what you need. There are several to chose from such as MPICH, MPI-LAM, WMPI, and MPI-Pro.

One of the first main hurdles to get over with MPI is making sure you have a properly configured rsh. There has been much discussion on alternatives to rsh because it is insecure. It is possible and recommened to use ssh with MPI but that is beyond the scope of this documentation. Try http://www.cacr.caltech.edu/Publications/beowulf/tutorial/beosoft/node5.html for some pointers on rsh.

Typically, your MPI distribution will contain sample distributed programs. If you have not used MPI before or are installing MPI for the first time on your cluster, run at least one of those sample programs first to ensure you have rsh, security, hosts, etc all correctly set.

Change the makefile to reflect the library needed for the MPI routines. Thus the line:


should be change to your MPI library.(YMMV)

Other resources:

MPI Forum

MPI implementations:
MPICH: http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/mpi/
MPI-Pro: http://www.mpi-softtech.com/
MPI-LAM: http://www.mpi.nd.edu/lam/
WMPI: http://www.criticalsoftware.com/


Newsgroups include:

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